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You talk—we translate!

We have the experience to convert your requirements from nontechnical language into the right platform and environment for data automation. Then we manage the data to suit your business. That means all you have to do is tell us what you need, in your own words. We’ll do the rest.




Proper planning of data structure, storage and security is essential for every serious business. HandleMyData analyzes your systems and builds a plan for a solution that matches your company’s current and future needs. Choosing experienced professionals instead of buying a one-size-fits-all package will make all the difference.



It’s simple: Workers simply won’t use an automated system that is too complicated or delivers irrelevant information. HandleMyData builds user-friendly interfaces and web applications to update and analyze you data, merge, import and export data to any required specification. Then we organize the data into reports that instantly show you the most valuable information.

Our systems are compatible with almost every environment, including:

  • .Net
  • SQL/Microsoft Access
  • C#/Visual Basic
  • HTML5/CSS3

Training and Documentation

Automated systems should not require constant calls for help to the IT department. HandleMyData offers the training clients need to use their new systems on their own, with minimal IT involvement. If necessary, we can provide step-by-step documentation with screen shots.



A system must be built to deliver not only at the start but over time, as needs evolve. Whatever you need — archiving, loading new leads, updating, monthly or weekly routines, auditing or monitoring to make sure everything is in order—trust HandleMyData to ... handle it!

Consider the Cloud

HandleMyData will design your program to accommodate whatever system you have. However, if you grow beyond your current platform and software, cloud storage is an option. The cloud has many attractive benefits:

  • Secure, automatic back-up. No human follow-through needed after the system is set up.
  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Encrypted data for additional security.
  • Accessible from any device anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • Easy scalability up or down.
  • No need for hardware on premises.


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Dror Livnat, President

What we like about HandleMyData is that they are highly professional, while committed and innovative – as if they were our own employees. This is what we look for in our partners.

Joyce Sachartoff

HandleMyData responds to our needs promptly and professionally. I refer them to my business associates often and with confidence.

Nava Skolnik

During the past years you were always there for me to improve, try new ideas, advise, and update both the site and the catalog, whether it was day, night, or weekend. Over these years you have proven to be one of the best choices I made and I am truly appreciative of the great service. You are simply the best!

We Value Your Time

HandleMyData takes care of the technical software issues, saving you valuable time to focus on the business.

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