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Data-driven decisions are the key to business success. But how can you make them if your data is trapped in a tangle of spreadsheets?
HandleMyData will custom-tailor a system to collect, organize, integrate, update and manage your important information.
We take care of the technical software issues so you are free to focus on running the business.

HandleMyData starts with an analysis of your systems and builds a custom, comprehensive plan for data structure, storage and security.

HandleMyData will merge, import and export data to any required specification and organize the data into at-a-glance reports.

We offer the training you need to get our user-friendly systems up and running fast, plus step-by-step documentation when required.

We can archive, load new leads, update monthly or weekly—whatever you need, we can deliver.

7 Big Benefits

  • CUSTOMIZATION We build every solution to meet each individual client’s plans, needs and priorities.
  • SCALABILITY We build our systems to expand and evolve easily with your growing, changing business needs.
  • AFFORDABILITY Unlike an off-the-shelf system, a HandleMyData program provides only the functions and features you need. Why pay for nonessentials?
  • SIMPLICITY We build our systems to be user-friendly, keeping your learning curve short.
  • SECURITY Our centralized systems virtually eliminate the chance of unauthorized users and data entry duplication or error.
  • TIMELINESS We update your data in real time so you can work off the freshest, latest-breaking data available.
  • ANYWHERE, ANYTIME ACCESS Our systems accommodate multiple users at multiple locations on multiple devices.

Sound Like You?

Does at least one of the bullets below describe your company’s database management situation?

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  • Outgrown Excel
  • Can’t find a good solution with off-the-shelf software
  • Don’t need/can’t afford a fulltime programmer/database administrator.

Our Clients Say

Andy Carr, COO

For over 10 years, HandleMyData has administered our firms complex database, 75-station network, server rooms, and cloud services. We receive 25,000 data post a day and prompt, accurate handling is of the utmost importance to our business. Fortunately HandleMyData has delivered time and again on time and within estimates. Their work is organized and their reports are easy to read and understand. Their availability and flexibility are terrific and I would recommend them heartily.

Scott Sizemore, Director

Aviel and his team have helped us overcome significant obstacles to deliver outstanding client results. HandleMyData is a valued member of the NMC network

Nava Skolnik

... you listen to my ideas and suggestions, addressed my concern. You took it upon yourselves to teach me how to put my catalog together, overcome my fears, and encourage me through out the process. During the past years you were always there for me to improve, try new ideas, advise, and update both the site and the catalog, whether it was day, night, or weekend. Over these years you have proven to be one of the best choices I made as to whom to trust to build my web site, and I am truly appreciative of the great service. You are simply the best!