Your Website Is Talking To You! Are You Listening?

Make the internet work for you and not against you.

The traffic in a website, the points of interest and navigation behaviors are all recorded and available to website owners. With a look at the data, it is easy to tell what works well and brings results or what discourages visitors and should be eliminated or revised in the website.

Some Examples of Things to Look For:

The number of visitors compared to the number of pages viewed tells us how interesting or valuable the information in the website is. If people leave the website after viewing one page, we know that the website doesn’t serve its purpose. However, if the average visitor goes trough 4-5 pages or spends more than 30 second on the website, it shows that the content and presentation is good.

  • Each visitor leaves the website from a cretin page. Knowing which page was mostly viewed just before leaving can tell us where the Achilles heel of the website is. Maybe this page needs to be eliminated or revised.
  • Every website should have an “Action Page” where we want visitors to arrive to (this can be just the “Contact Us” page). Well, did they arrive? Maybe a link to this page from the most viewed page can help.

The above is only a fraction of what we can learn from the website statistics. The information is always recorded and available, all you need to do is to ask for it from your webmaster or use his experience to implement.

Good management and successful business starts by listening to your employees that face your clients and prospects. Isn’t your website one of them?

Listen to your website and make the internet work for you.