Website Hosting Free and Easy.

In today’s world of split-second communication, the Internet is a tremendous tool to enhance almost any business. People are searching every hour of every day for all types of information, products, and services. They look for companies with a web presence. It shows credibility and it’s convenient. Are you in reach of these potential customers?

Companies, even small enterprises, without websites are at a huge disadvantage. Some think it’s too confusing or expensive, but setting up a website is like renting office space (in Cyberspace) for your business. Like a brick-and-mortar rental agreement, you are provided a key to enter, furniture, filing cabinets, mail and janitorial services, security, and a power source.

So, you want to set up your online office, but who will manage it? Most business people do really care how everything works. They just want to know that it does. And, when there is a problem, they want assurances that the difficulty will be quickly addressed.

Who you have hosting your website is critical to your online success. Think of your website hosting company as your office manager, who ensures everything runs smoothly.

That’s where Site Me comes in. With over 20 years of website development and hosting experience, we can get you up and running quickly. In fact, we’re so confident we can help you, we’re making this limited time offer. If you let us host your website by October 31, 2010, we’ll give you:

  • Free hosting set up
  • Free counseling for up to 1 hour to evaluate your site or needs
  • Free domain registration
  • Free set up of e-mail accounts
  • Free “Under Construction” page with contact information while your site is being developed or upgraded
  • Free transfer of existing domain (not including database transfers)

Free set up for monitoring site activity Website hosting is a big part of what we do at Site Me. If we can help you set up your Internet office, we’ll make it free and easy for you.