Web Development: Integrating Style and Function

Website design provides the look and feel of your website that makes the site appealing to the viewer, but it’s only one side of the website development coin.  In addition to a stylish, great look, your website needs to be functional.  It has to load quickly, navigate easily, be devoid of unnecessary codes, and include all of the features you need in building your presence on the Internet.

There are many website designers.  There are also website programmers.  You must have both to maximize the effectiveness of your website.  Programmers put the pretty pages to work for you in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • Programmers will use professional tools to create your website code, which will make your website faster and improve your optimization to more readily attract search engines.  Using widely available website generators or free website building programs tend to add code to support the generator needs and slow down the websites.
  • Programmers are not limited to the tools and functions provided by free website building devices, so programmers can easily modify your website by writing specific code to fit your exacting needs.  Not using the cookie cutter administration tools gives you more control, flexibility and possibilities when building or redesigning your website. 
  • Programmers will check the site’s raw code for integrity and effectiveness across various browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, and the like) to ensure that there are no communication gaps or hiccups. 
  • Programmers can add a function that provides interaction with your website visitors.  You can also gather information about your subscribers or customers that can integrate with a database so you can better communicate with them.
  • Programmers will handle and make better use of open source platforms such as Word Press and online shopping carts.  Customization and adaption to your specific needs are only possible with programming.