Dear Aviel –

What a gift you have been and continue to be to my new organization and for me.  From setting up and personally designing my e-mail messages to designing e-mail and Word stationary, there was nothing that I asked you to do that you could not do.  Everything you did was done promptly and courteously — in spite of my calling you in panic mode.  And when I could not understand something, you patiently went through the process regardless of the number of times a problem surfaced for me.  The best of all is that you are either always available or you return calls promptly.

Being the “chief cook and bottle washer” for my organization, I could never have accomplished as much as I have without your help.

I highly recommend Site Me’s services.  They are talented and creative.
Best of all is their motto:  Anything can be done.

What better would you want to hear?

Doris Wise Montrose
— President