Protect Your Good Name – Its your Brand

Imagine that your phone company is changing area codes that will require you to have a new phone number! If it’s your home number, it may not be a significant problem, but, if it’s your business phone that you have been using for years, it could be a nightmare. You worked long and hard to get that number out to the public and, now, you may lose contact with the business prospects to whom you have been marketing. Turning that around could be very costly in terms of lost sales, expensive advertising initiatives to communicate your new number, and time to re-establish your business.

In a similar fashion, you could lose your e-mail addresses, if your service provider goes bankrupt, another company buys them out, you switch to another company to save money or you move to an area not covered by the provider. You entire online communications could be disrupted and your business could suffer irreparable damage.

To avoid this Internet marketing and networking disaster, make certain that you own and use your own domain name. If you use your Internet service provider’s domain for your e-mail address (e.g.,,,,,,, etc.), you are not in control of your business. If your service is terminated for any reason, so is your e-mail address, unless you own it.

Advertise Yourself, Not Others

When you correspond on the Internet, would you like to promote yourself or someone else? If you use a free e-mail service (e.g.,,,, etc.), you are definitely promoting the service provider and not yourself. And, again, you run the risk of losing your address. In both your e-mail and website addresses, use your own domain name.

For example, if your company name is Big Boy Tools, use that in your names. Your e-mail may be and your website may be This not only protects your business and your good name, but it makes it easy for your customers to find you.

No other company in the world can use your domain name, so be certain that you own it, retain your registration when it’s time to renew, and use it to market and build your business to protect your good name!

Your Domain Name = Your Title on the Internet
Domain Registration = Your Grand Deed to Your Territory on the Internet