Domain Loss – A Recipe For Marketing And Networking Disaster

Imagine that your phone company tells you that in three months you will have a new phone number! If it’s your home number maybe it is not so bad, but if it's your business number that you have been using for years and worked so hard to give away to your short and long term business prospects, it is a...
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Web Development: Integrating Style and Function

Website design provides the look and feel of your website that makes the site appealing to the viewer, but it’s only one side of the website development coin.  In addition to a stylish, great look, your website needs to be functional.  It has to load quickly, navigate easily, be devoid of unnecessary codes, and include all of the features...

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How to make the Internet work for you

Not All Websites Are Alike . . . The Differences . . . How To Choose.

Today, most businesses, institutions and organizations have their own websites; however, not all websites are alike... Some are visitor friendly.  Some are flashy.  Some are simple.  Some are interactive. When building your own website, you will need to first decide on how you want it to look and feel.  Then,...
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Website Hosting Free and Easy.

In today’s world of split-second communication, the Internet is a tremendous tool to enhance almost any business. People are searching every hour of every day for all types of information, products, and services. They look for companies with a web presence. It shows credibility and it’s convenient. Are you in reach of these potential customers? Companies, even small enterprises, without websites...
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Does the Internet scare you?

Most people look at the Internet like they do public speaking.  They are afraid of it.  The technology is overwhelming.  The advances are constant and come at you from every direction.

Even if you are not scared, you may be confused and not even aware of what you need to succeed on the Internet.  One thing is certain.  You...

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Blogs Can Be Your Best Friend . . . In 7 Days or Less!

For many small business people, the first question that often comes up when discussing blogs is: What is it? Second, they ask: Why do it? People who keep track of stuff like this report there are well over 200 million bloggers worldwide, adding thousands monthly. Many of the blogs are private and personal; however, more and more companies, societies, clubs, and...
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