Make your contacts truly memorable!

When people are searching the Internet for information, they often stop at a number of websites along the way. On any given day, visitors may fill out and submit numerous forms on the sites they entered. “Contact Us”, “Information Request”, and other forms are then sent to the appropriate website owner for response.

Most websites respond to these inquiries with only an automated “Thank You” page on the website. That’s fine, but will this standard reply really help generate business? More importantly, for your visitors, what can you do to set yourself apart from competing websites?

Very simply, you can respond to the sender’s email address with an automated e-mail thanking them and including a copy of the information originally requested by the visitor. This professional recap makes a very positive statement about your company’s reliability and professionalism. Further, your response is much more personal to the sender and, therefore, makes you stand out. It also provides a record that makes it easier for them to follow-up and to remember you.

Chances are the visitor submitted information requests to other sites during his or her search, so take this opportunity to put yourself at the top of their list. Any good webmaster will be able to add this feature to any form on your website and make your contacts truly memorable (and more profitable).