Key to Internet Success: Keep it Simple!

Most people look for ways to simplify their lives, but, when it comes to the Internet, simplicity is not easy to come by. Especially for small businesses, it’s almost impossible to stay current on the latest technology and a nightmare to deal with service problems that do arise. You need a host for your website and e-mail accounts who you can trust and who will watch your back to ensure you’re getting the very most out of your Internet experience. Think of hosting as renting office space for your business.

Think of hosting as renting office space for your business. Among other things, your rental agreement provides a key to enter, furniture, filing cabinets, mail and janitorial services, security, and a power source to make everything run. Think of your host as your housekeeper.

Here are some important things your host should provide to help you harness the massive power of the Internet and keep you up and running:
Select someone with 10 or more years of experience on both the technology and marketing sides of the Internet
To minimize costs and maximize efficiency, use someone who can do it all:

  • Hosting and domain registration
  • Website design, development, and content management
  • Marketing with search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising
  • Newsletter campaigns
  • In-house programming
  • Consulting
  • Multi-media, such as online photo albums, video streaming
Insist on personalized service so that you’re not just another number in a distant provider’s shop
Require regular monitoring to head off problems
Have them deal with service providers and techies so you don’t have to
Make certain they have the clout to get your service provider problems handled quickly and correctly
You may not need all of these services right now, but, as more and more of our commerce and communications occur online, we will all want access to these resources. Your life is complicated enough. Work with people who will keep it simple and never leave you dangling in cyberspace.