It’s not just what you say, but how you say it!

Your online success is predicated upon a number of factors: search term optimization, site design, ease of navigation, and, importantly, content.  In fact, content is the heart and soul of your website.  The information you present is what your readers look for and how search engines rank your site.  Well-written content is key to your success, especially, your conversion rate.

It’s one thing to draw in people to your site with all the appropriate key words crawled over by search engines, but it’s quite another trick to have your readers feel they are receiving value from your information and, therefore, feel confident in buying from you.  The content must be original, meaningful, and kept fresh.

An experienced, marketing-savvy webmaster will help you concentrate on that conversion rate while building or redesigning your website, but it will be the content that “sells” it to your prospects.  Search engines reward sites with higher rankings when keywords are optimized and content is readable and enhanced on a regular basis.  Rather than rewriting your site every other month, use blogs to link back to your site, add customer testimonials, and secure links from other sites.

Not all copywriters are alike, so be sure to get samples in advance.  When I recommend a copywriter to my clients, I often suggest 35-year pro Ken Phillips at  Ken and I have worked together on a number of assignments for a variety of businesses over the past two years and I have found him to be articulate, fast, and economical.  My clients rave about his easy, effective style.