Internet marketing – Go local and save!

Advertisement. It is always hard to know if your message gets to your potential customers or if it is wasted on an audience that will not even consider your product or service due to your location. This issue intensifies when you market over the Internet, which has virtually no boundaries worldwide.  So, how can you do a better job of targeting your prospects, while keeping costs down?

As vast as the Internet is, most major search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, and others, already provide tools to help resolve this situation for you.  If you optimize your website and highlight search terms on your pages, you can register the website as a local business with the search engine companies.

By doing this, if a prospect does a search that includes a city (e.g., Thousand Oaks, CA) or region of the country (e.g., Southern California), the odds of your company coming up can be dramatically increased.  You could even be featured on the coveted first page of the search.

When using a Pay-Per-Click advertising program, you can limit your ads to appear only in a certain geographic area. This feature saves wasteful clicks by people located out of your service area and your marketing efforts become more focused, more effective, and less expensive. If you made sure your website is attractive and easily navigated, when you present a call to action, your cost per lead is minimal and definitely less than in other media like print, radio and TV.

Another way to Go Local is to send out monthly or quarterly E-letters to your clients, prospects and people in your community. With little effort, you can grow your mailing list to hundreds and thousands of recipients. Create a nice template for the professional look, provide unsubscribe instruction, and you are set to go! And you don’t even need to buy stamps.