No Identity! A Solution to Identity Theft.

Your Identity on the internet

The best way to avoid identity theft is not to have an identity or assume someone else’s identity. In the first case, there is nothing to steal and in the other case it is not yours to begin with. This could be a solution for an individual, but what about a business? Can it survive without identity and branding? Can it allow itself to be transparent or obscure? Of course not! But this is still what many companies are doing when it comes to the Internet.

Today, most people rely on the Internet to communicate and search for information and services. Therefore, without clear presence and communication via the Internet, your business will not capture the attention of your prospects. The first step in harnessing the power of the Internet is to have your own Domain Name for your e-mail addresses and website. This domain name is your Identity on the Internet and, once registered, it is your property. It can be your company name, family name, slogan or any other combination. Whatever you chose that sets you apart on the Internet.

If your e-mail address does not feature your domain name (e.g.,,, etc.):

  • Are you promoting yourself? No!
  • Would people know if you have a website or contact/information page? No!
  • Would you be able to keep your e-mail address if:
    • The service provider goes out of business? No!
    • You wanted to leave your service provider for a better deal/service? No!
  • Do you brand and set yourself apart? No!

One final question: Would you spend as little as 56 cents a day to have your own domain with hosting for e-mail accounts and website? Depending on your service provider and service quality, you can easily afford to tell the world how it can reach you on the Internet. And most providers don’t even charge a setup fee.

This is why I am using instead of a free account like With my own domain name, I show professionalism, provide peace of mind and, most of all, I know I will never lose my e-mail address and the way prospects contact me.

The solution: Use a domain name that belongs to you.