Go Local … Advertise Where You Do Business

Effective advertising is always an issue; especially on the internet. The goal of internet marketing is not just to get visitors to your website, but to get the visitors that are more likely to buy the services or products. Without considering this aspect, resources and budgets are wasted. Let’s examine the outcome of two advertising scenarios where the same budget is used for Targeted and Non-Targeted internet marketing:

Non-Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing:




 Number of visitors



 Qualified visitors



 Actual contacts



 Cost per visitor



 Cost per contact



Qualified visitors are the ones that fall within the criteria we used to target the campaign. It is important to note that in both examples, the same conversion rate of 10% is used for actual contacts made from qualified visitors. The difference is the outcome of qualified visitors in a Targeted and Non-Targeted campaign. In this example it is apparent that Targeted Marketing is 3 times more effective and cost only 1/3 per contact. Also, with Targeted Marketing we can insure that our listing is at the top of the list by paying more per click thus getting more sales.

One of the ways to target your internet marketing is by limiting the exposure of your listing to certain geographic areas. For example, up to 50 miles from your business address, USA only, and other criterium.

To be effective with internet marketing, confining efforts to geographic areas where the real prospects are is a must! Otherwise, most of your effort will be lost and diluted with millions of websites and businesses in the USA and around the world.