Getting the Most Out of Your Internet Host!

When you have a website and an e-mail account, you need an Internet hosting company. However, not all hosting companies are created equally.

A good hosting company provides invaluable services to you, including maintaining and storing for retrieval your website files and e-mails. It is important to use a major hosting company that is focused on these functions and that has reliable backup systems and power generators for power and hardware failures.

You can open your own hosting account on line, set it up, and configure your own e-mails. While this approach allows full automation of the service, your account is just one of millions. If you need help, you must wait until an anonymous technician gets to you.

This may be fine, if you have all the time in the world, but there is a much better alternative. For the same price, you can set up your accounts and receive personalized service through a webmaster reseller. Companies that specializes in hosting provide reseller accounts to webmasters that have very large “space” and capacity that they allocate to smaller, individual accounts. In other words, the resellers provide portions of their large hosting accounts to others.

This option creates a win-win situation for everyone:

  • webmaster is familiar with many available hosting services and will pre-screen companies to ensure the host is reliable and doesn’t have unreasonable numbers of complaints or other issues.
  • Because the webmaster has many, individual accounts, the major hosting company can provide a volume discount that allows the webmaster to keep costs at the same as what it would be for an individual to open his or her own account with a major host.
  • Each hosting account is completely independent and can be managed by anyone. You’re still in charge.
  • When the account owner needs support, he or she has direct contact with a webmaster, which provides faster, more personalized service and attention.
  • When there is a service problem with the hosting, the webmaster has the ability to identify and resolve the issue much more quickly and without wasting your time. In many cases, the webmaster is already aware of the problem and can resolve it even before the account owner becomes aware of it.
  • For simple housekeeping, like opening an e-mail account, the webmaster should take care of it at no charge. All that is normally needed is an e-mail or call to set everything in motion.
  • Major hosting companies give a higher priority for services required by reseller clients. After all, losing one unhappy reseller translates into losing many accounts all at once.
  • When the webmaster is familiar with the hosting companies it works with, the client receives faster service.
  • The less expensive hosting companies usually provide only basic features. When upgrades are needed, the user usually ends up paying extra for the add-ons. A webmaster will avoid such hosting companies.
  • Having a webmaster on your side will save you time, money, and techno headaches.