Finding a Good Web Host; It’s More Than Price.

If you have a website and e-mail account, you need an Internet hosting company.  Many people look for the least expensive service, but price should not be the only measure of a good hosting company. And, in fact, the price difference between hosts is only a few dollars.

Some of the important qualities you should look for in a web host include:

  • Resources to ensure reliability, including adequate servers, equipment, and staff
  • Security to protect from hackers gaining access to your site and your customer data
  • Technical support to handle preventive maintenance, repairs, and updates
  • Communication to keep you informed of problems and, better yet, fix them even before you are aware of them

You can open your own hosting account online, set it up, and configure your e-mails.  However, this presents two significant difficulties. First, you are one of millions of accounts and, if you need help, you must wait until an anonymous technician gets to you.  Second, you will be spending an inordinate amount of time in the “trenches” having to deal with the idiosyncrasies of Internet service.  In other words, if your server goes down, who has your back?

The solution is to find an experienced webmaster who can manage your hosting account.  He or she will be very familiar with a variety of hosting companies, will watch out for your interests, and go to bat for you if there is a problem.  Your webmaster will also monitor the host to ensure it is not showing signs of overload or poor customer service and will manage the hosting account for you (e-mail accounts, spam filters…).  All of this free support and more at no additional cost.

When searching for a good web host, save yourself lots of headaches and make your selection based on more than which company offers the lowest monthly rate.  Your online success will be directly impacted by the reliability, support, and service you receive from your web host.  Choose wisely.