Feed Your Online Prospects.

Social media is the latest marketing opportunity available to help companies promote their products and services.  However, social media is unlike any other form of marketing and must be handled properly to obtain results.

Over 300 million online users “surf” the Internet every hour of every day, searching for information of relevance to them.  And having “relevance to them” is, in fact, the key to success in social media marketing.

Social media is not about direct selling.  The function of social media is to “pull” people to your website by providing information of value to them.  This approach is in opposition to traditional marketing attempts that tend to “push” people to buy.   Social media means establishing a connection with people and building relationships with them and their friends that will ultimately end in a sale . . . perhaps, a customer for life.

So, how do you spread the word?  You must create the information and, then, make it easily available to people interested in the subject matter you provide.  The easiest and most effective way to move your communications is through really simple syndication (RSS) feeds, which allow anyone to electronically pick up the content and place it on their own blog or subscribe to the feed with an RSS reader, such as Google Reader.

It’s like providing someone with their own newspaper reporter who gathers and communicates specific information that is of interest to an individual.  When someone clicks upon an RSS feed icon on a website they like, the content of the site’s RSS feed is sent automatically to an RSS reader on an ongoing basis, if the person subscribes to the feed.

The articles, graphics and other content that you share via your feed are normally noted in one section of your website and, as you update your RSS feed, your website is also updated automatically.

In addition, the RSS feed can be set up to automatically post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media networks.  This is where your feed can really create miracles and take full advantage of the social media opportunities.  After all, your “news” will also pop up on the screens of your friends and friends of your friends, providing the “buzz” and, eventually, the referrals you want.
Social media, which is like a massive referral network, must be properly managed and, to be effective, has to be “social”.  Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, and many others represent places where people gather information of interest and seek advice about buying something.  The influence and impact of these media on today’s business cannot be underestimated and, certainly, cannot be ignored.

People surfing the web are voracious information seekers and need to be fed regularly.  Use RSS feeds to help quell their appetites.  If we can help you set up RSS feeds or provide any website or online assistance, contact Site Me for a FREE consultation at 818-735-4957 or e-mail aviel@siteme.com.   We make the Internet work for you.