Don’t Lose Your Investment

Backup Your Website and Don’t Forget The Development Files!

 Remember to Ask For The Backup…

Websites are hosted on computers and therefore hosting companies are not 100% proof against data loss. This is one reason to have in your possession a backup of your website. 

People are moving around including webmasters and web designers. When you will need to make changes to your website are they going to be available? Would you know how to access your website files? If they are not available, wouldn’t you be happy to give a backup to your new webmaster?
What is usually missing from the backup CD is the source files used to develop the graphics for the website. These files are the backbone for additions and changes you might like to make in the future. They are used to create the final image files (JPG, GIF, SWF) that give your website its great look (menus, banners or any other graphics on the website).

For example:

You would like to add a new page to the website and you need to create an additional graphic button in the website’s menu. Without the development files it might be impossible to make the new button match the others (colors, looks, fonts) and the only solution would be to recreate the entire menu.

Another instance can involve changing your address or phone on the website’s main banner. Without the source files replacing the old address or phone number, it will probably look sloppy and unprofessional without recreating a new banner.

For your Peace Of Mind and to avoid unnecessary expenses in the future, don’t forget to ask for a complete backup including the graphics development (source) files once you’ve finished the development of your website.