Domain Loss – A Recipe For Marketing And Networking Disaster

Imagine that your phone company tells you that in three months you will have a new phone number! If it’s your home number maybe it is not so bad, but if it’s your business number that you have been using for years and worked so hard to give away to your short and long term business prospects, it is a marketing and networking disaster.

If you don’t use your own domain name for your e-mail address or website, it can happen to your internet communication as well.

If you use your Internet service provider’s domain for your e-mail address (e.g.,,,,,,, etc.), just think what can happen if they go out of business, if you are moving to a new location where they don’t provide service, or even if you wish to switch to a different company for a better deal orservice. You will need to give up your e-mail address!

The only solution is to use a domain name that belongs to you.

Advertise Yourself  Not Others

When you correspond on the Internet, would you like to promote yourself or someone else? If you use a free e-mail service (e.g.,,,, etc.), you are definitely promoting the service provider and not yourself. Remember, most people assume there is a website behind domain names. If they would like to learn more about you, they will be happy to see your domain name in your e-mail address. After all, it should also be your web address.

The only solution, once again, is to use a domain name that belongs to you.