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Go Local … Advertise Where You Do Business

Effective advertising is always an issue; especially on the internet. The goal of internet marketing is not just to get visitors to your website, but to get the visitors that are more likely to buy the services or products. Without considering this aspect, resources and budgets are wasted. Let’s examine the outcome of two advertising scenarios where the...
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Branding Impression and E-mails

We invest a lot of time and effort to make sure that our business card, stationery, brochure and website look professional and reflect excellence in what we do. However, in the most common form of our daily communication we fail to implement this same concept.

Plain emails are boring and unattractive while a professionally designed Email Stationery will create a...

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No Identity! A Solution to Identity Theft.

Your Identity on the internet

The best way to avoid identity theft is not to have an identity or assume someone else’s identity. In the first case, there is nothing to steal and in the other case it is not yours to begin with. This could be a solution for an individual, but what about a business? Can it...

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