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Feed Your Online Prospects.

Social media is the latest marketing opportunity available to help companies promote their products and services.  However, social media is unlike any other form of marketing and must be handled properly to obtain results. Over 300 million online users “surf” the Internet every hour of every day,...
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Internet Presence Is Indispensable!

If you understand that:
  • Networking and communication are vital to business growth.
  • People rely more on the Internet to network, research and communicate.
  • People are looking for peace of mind and convenience when selecting a service provider.
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Your Website Is Talking To You! Are You Listening?

Make the internet work for you and not against you. The traffic in a website, the points of interest and navigation behaviors are all recorded and available to website owners. With a look at the data, it is easy to tell what works well and brings results or what discourages visitors and should be eliminated or revised in the website. Some Examples...
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Building Your Website … and more about CMS

Not All Websites Are Alike ... The Differences ... And How To Choose. As you've probably noticed, a website has become a more significant requirement for almost every business, organization, institute, and sometimes for specific events. When deciding on what tools to use for building your website, it is best to first know...
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Protect Your Good Name – Its your Brand

Imagine that your phone company is changing area codes that will require you to have a new phone number! If it’s your home number, it may not be a significant problem, but, if it's your business phone that you have been using for years, it could be a nightmare. You worked long and hard to get that number out to...
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Responsive Website For Mobile Devices

We all recognize the value of being responsive and on the same page with our prospects and clients in order to keep them interested. Shouldn’t our web presence be the same? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could respond to each prospect and client with the best web page layout no matter what device they are using? Today, websites can...
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