Brand and Optimize Traffic to You!

Brand and Set Yourself Apart…
Register your own domain name. It is your territory and title on the Internet. Use it to advertise and brand your own name, not the identity of another provider like AOL, MSN, Yahoo or others ( vs. Make sure you know the domain registrar, your user name and password to manage your domain. It’s yours, so make certain you own it and have direct access to it.
… Optimize Traffic To You
Make sure your website is optimized for the search engines – it is free advertisement and a way to draw prospects to you.

Register your website locally. You improve your chances of being on the first page of a search engine by eliminating competition with businesses outside of your area.
Make It Easy…
Website design should provide clarity and should be easily understood.
Have menus and links that are simple to use and look consistent.
Text on menu should be self-explanatory and reflect what you do.
Content should demonstrate your professionalism and provide value.
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